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Month: March 2009

RA Demo at the Intel Nehalem Chip Launch in London & NY

Intel has requested Rapid Addition, the leading FAST and FIX engine solutions provider, to participate in a live demonstration will simulate a complete trade life cycle that will display performance gains on Intel’s new 3.0Ghz Nehalem processor architecture versus the previous generation 3.0Ghz Harpertown processors. The trade life cycle will be split into three components […]

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LSE to add FIX functionality to TradElect with Rapid Addition system

The London Stock Exchange is to use the RA-Professional FIX engine from Rapid Addition to provide FIX functionality for its TradElect trading system through the development of an optional FIX 5.0 interface. RA-Professional supports all versions of FIX, from 4.0 to 5.0, with low latency and high-throughput performance. In laboratory tests Rapid Addition’s FIX gateway […]

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LSE selects Rapid Addition provide a high-performance FIX engine

LONDON-The London Stock Exchange (LSE) has selected FIX protocol software vendor Rapid Addition to provide a high-performance FIX engine to the exchange’s TradElect trading platform, DWT has learned. The LSE will be using Rapid Addition’s engine in the development of an optional FIX 5.0 interface to TradElect, says an LSE spokesperson. “The partnership with Rapid […]

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