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Rapid Addition Launches Most Advanced Data Stream Management System in Market

London: Rapid Addition, the leading software solution provider to the global electronic financial markets, has today announced the launch RA-Quantum Gateway, a high performance solution for managing the compression and decompression of market data streams with multiple data formats.

RA-Quantum Gateway reduces bandwidth usage for market data feeds using FIX Adapted for Streaming (FAST), cutting message sizes by more than 80%. RA-Quantum Gateway can process more data than any competing system, delivering market data with lowest latency, adaptive compression and high performance.

Rapid Addition’s latest product is aimed at producers of market data, such as exchanges, multilateral trading facilities and interdealer brokers; redistributors of market data, such as market data vendors; and consumers of market data: the sell-side, buy-side and independent software vendors.By reducing data sizes, RA-Quantum Gateway provides a drastic reduction in bandwidth, which enables clients to use fewer hardware resources. Additionally users enjoy huge latency savings and tighter control of costs, without the need for disruptive integration that can be costly and prone to error. The gateway offers them the ability to consolidate market data regardless of original data formats. This extends the Return on Investment of existing systems and their operational flexibility.

Rapid Addition recently participated in a series of live demonstrations at the launch of the latest Intel 3.0Ghz Xeon CPU processor in New York and London. The events simulated a complete trade life cycle, displaying performance gains by the Xeon chip over the previous generation 3.0Ghz Harpertown processors.

Toby Corballis, CEO of Rapid Addition, commented:

“We are launching RA-Quantum Gateway against a backdrop of increasing data production and a simultaneous urgent need in the market for cost reductions. Quantum Gateway addresses these trends by offering reduced bandwidth utilisation, faster market data delivery and lower operational costs, all of which are critical factors for successful low latency trading.”

“We are proud to been able to continue our partnership with Intel in development of our systems. This has helped enable us to be at the forefront of low latency messaging.”