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Rapid Addition Adds IBM Low Latency Messaging to Supported Protocols

Rapid Addition has today announced the successful addition of IBM’s Low Latency Messaging (LLM) technology to its growing list of supported message transport protocols. This further extends the options available to clients for integration with RA-Cheetah, Rapid Addition’s ultra-low latency FIX engine, and its FIX Adapted for Streaming (FAST) data compression gateway and hub, RA-Quantum.The benefits of RA-Cheetah now being enabled for IBM LLM include support for the very high-volume, low-latency requirements typical of financial markets firms where speed of data delivery is paramount. This is enabled as Reliable Multicast Messaging (RMM) and Reliable Unicast Messaging (RUM), along with support for Infiniband chip technology.

RA-Cheetah is the world’s fastest FIX engine, with sustained average latency of under 10μs, while RA-Quantum is capable of sub-microsecond compression and decompression of market data.

Kevin Houstoun, Chairman of Rapid Addition and Co-Chair of the FIX Protocol Global Technology Committee, commented:

“We identified enabling IBM Low Latency Messaging as an important step in the continuing development of RA-Cheetah so that we could continue to reach significant sections of the electronic trading market. We are in continuous dialogue with IBM as a technology partner, allowing us to be fully aware of their developing capabilities with financial markets technology.”