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Special offer to Oslo Børs members

Following recent announcements that Oslo Børs will introduce TradElect in Q1/2010, Rapid Addition, the company whose FIX engine powers the TradElect FIX interface, today announce a special offer for members of the Oslo Børs who wish to maximise connectivity to TradElect using the FIX interface.For a limited time, member firms are being offered a 25% discount on the list price of RA-Cheetah and RA-Cub, giving members the chance to:

  • Gain an advantage over members using FIX Engines from vendors who don’t have the performance or domain knowledge that are behind TradElect’s implementation
  • Benefit from the experience of the team that helped to create TradElect’s FIX data dictionary
  • Experience the same superior levels of performance as TradElect
  • Enjoy the chance to experience the same SLAs as the world’s leading exchanges

Get the world’s fastest growing, industry standard, low-latency FIX engine before 28th January and your firm will additionally qualify for:

  • 30% reduction on any requested systems integration work or other consulting;
  • 30% reduction in our world-beating FIX monitoring tool, Forensix.
  • 40% discount on the RA-FIX Repository Wizard.

Act now – this offer expires on 28th January 2010. Please quote OSLOFIX so that we know to apply your discount. See the Contact us page for details of how to get in touch.