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Rapid Addition Chairman appointed to UK Government’s Foresight project

Rapid Addition Chairman, Kevin Houstoun, has been appointed as a Lead Expert to advise the UK Government Department for Science’s Foresight Project:

The Foresight project The Future of Computer Trading in Financial Markets, sponsored by Her Majesty’s Treasury and led by the Government Office for Science under the direction of the Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser, Professor Sir John Beddington, aims to make a significant contribution to the efficiency, integrity and resilience of financial markets, by identifying options for policy makers in the UK and internationally.

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Foresight is in the UK Government Office for Science (GO-Science). GO-Science supports the Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser in ensuring that the Government has access to, and uses, the best science and engineering advice. It is located within the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.
The UK Government’s Foresight Programme helps Government think systematically about the future. Foresight uses the latest scientific and other evidence to provide advice for policymakers in addressing future challenges.