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Rapid Addition to showcase RA Hub and RA Monitor at Trade Tech Paris 2016

Following the acquisition of DET Technologies, the Rapid Addition team will be showcasing their new RA Hub and RA Monitor set of etrading tools at Trade Tech Paris this year, at stand 39.

With their real-time monitoring, visual data analysis tools and customisable user interface, RA Hub and RA Monitor provide exchanges, banks, brokers, investment managers, asset managers, hedge funds and high-frequency traders with complete control and flexibility to construct and visualise their high-speed, low-touch electronic trading environment.

Join us at stand 39. We look forward to discussing how we can help you construct your high-speed, low-touch etrading environment to deliver improved performance.

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About RA Hub

RA Hub is a high-volume, low-latency gateway providing a complete environment in which to plan electronic trading, managing FIX connectivity and order routing.

Providing greater control with expansive visibility, RA Hub makes it easier for either technical or business teams to execute algorithms more efficiently and view real-time trading volume distributed across clients and exchanges.

Underpinned by RA Cheetah FIX Engine, our new OS-agnostic, jitter-free platform enables the configuration of complex message processing rules and definition of test case scenarios for automated setup testing, as well as modifying message routing logic at runtime.

Alongside the integrated RA Monitor, the hub delivers an easily configurable, fast and flexible solution to end users.

About RA Monitor

RA Monitor is an extremely powerful tool that sits alongside the RA Cheetah FIX Engine and can monitor orders, quotes, executions, latency and sessions in real time.  This consolidated view provides a first line of defence in regulatory requirements such as spotting potential market abuse and recording fairness in latency.

Equipped with a unique, visual method of organising routing logic and the ability to define custom alerts and notifications, RA Monitor provides more comprehensive and efficient controls for pre-trade transparency, giving dealing desks and tech teams an outstanding overview tool that they would have never been able to build themselves.

RA Monitor can sit either alongside the RA Hub to create a complete trading and monitoring package or it can be used as a standalone product to provide a powerful complementary monitoring tool to sit alongside existing FIX infrastructure.