Speed & Scale – Achieving High Performance Dissemination of Pricing and Analytics Data

Millions of quotes per second


The challenge of speeding and scaling market data dissemination remains one the biggest facing our industry.

A global leader in FX needs to disseminate millions of quotes per second to an ever increasing number of clients, prices that will be used to make FX trading decisions and prices at which they expect to trade.

Meeting the challenges:

• Speed and throughput – the system must be able to process and disseminate millions of messages per second.

Using the RA Hub and the RA Open API our client has been able to significantly exceed their initial requirements for speed and throughput for the dissemination of price updates.

• Destination throughput – the recipients of these messages, who are often clients – can find that the sheer volume of messages presents a processing problem which causes them to make trading decisions on stale, now unavailable prices.

Through the RA Hub interaction, the fan out of messages to clients is done at the rate that clients are able to consume them, so they will not receive price updates that are stale.

• Reliability – the slightest outage could cause significant financial harm, loss of confidence and reputational damage.

RA Hub has been deployed with full resilience and redundancy using the High Availability RA Hub module that runs on fully hot standby machines with full and instant fail-over.

• Integration – integrating with 3rd party vendor solutions to provide core functionality (such as handling the dissemination of quotes) with their own decision making and value-added modules.

RA Hub along with the RA API has simplified the integration with the client’s own decision making modules such that the IP remains with the client and in their control and RA Hub provides the engine room and processing power.

• Costs – reducing hardware usage, support costs, identifying software with a lower total cost of ownership.

The RA Hub technology has been installed on a significantly reduced network of servers reducing their server population by a factor of 10, reducing the cost of ownership with reduced internal support costs.

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