Complete solutions for low latency electronic trading platforms & systems monitoring

Products that work in harmony with each other – and your legacy systems – to deliver a holistic solution for low latency electronic trading platforms and systems monitoring. 

Our team has created a platform that helps you run your business. Delivering the highest performance, compliance, ease of deployment, and return on equity.

For those buy-side, sell-side, hedge funds and brokers looking for complete control and flexibility in customising their electronic trading environment, Rapid Addition’s suite of high frequency trading platforms and solutions provide highly adaptable systems, constructed to help trading firms with front-line compliance and deliver leading edge performance.

Our ready-to-use etrading environment can be effortlessly configured either by technical or business resources using Rapid Addition’s unique visualisation tool that allows the maintenance, management and correction of routing logic involved in onboarding processes, constructing relevant compliance alerts and developing fastest trading scenarios.

RA Hub

RA Hub is a high-volume, low-latency gateway providing a complete environment in which to plan & design electronic trading, along with managing FIX connectivity and order routing.

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FPGA FIX Accelerator

FPGA FIX Accelerator for RA Cheetah FIX Engine™ software - halves single message latency and improves engine throughput 500% per session. FIX Messaging Revolution: Cheetah FIX engine™ with...

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RA Monitor

RA Monitor is a powerful tool that sits alongside any FIX environment including the RA FIX Engine and the RA Hub. The platform can monitor orders, quotes, executions, latency and sessions in real time....

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RA ShortCut™

RA ShortCut™ is a set of adapters that plug into Microsoft’s BizTalk middleware platform to enable support for FIX, allowing simple transformation and normalisation...

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RA ASIC Short Position

Created as an Aid to meet the need for investors to report their short sales of Australian stocks to the Australian regulator ASIC using the FIX protocol. ASIC, or…

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RA Cheetah™ FIX Engine

The RA FIX engine is the highest performing messaging engine for the FIX protocol. Whether you need a low-latency .NET / C# FIX engine or a low-latency Java FIX Engine, RA FIX...

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A high quality protocol agnostic network specialising in the secure transmission of FIX (Financial Information eXchange) Data. Using the latest technology for speed and security, RA NET provides fair and transparently priced connectivity .......

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RA Trader / Broker

RA Broker is a Sell-side application that connects Brokers to multiple Institutions. RA Broker supports multiple asset classes, including Equities, Equity Options, and Futures. Users can accept and…

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RA FIXatdl and Repository Editor

RA-FIXatdl Editor is an authoring tool aimed at firms who publish details of their algo strategies using the industry standard FIXatdl format. FIXatdl is maintained by ...

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