Electronic Trading Partners and Links

Electronic Trading Partners

Rapid Addition develops long standing relationships with other industry bodies and organisations. If your organisation would be interested in partnering with us via our electronic trading platforms partners and links page, please contact us here.

Rapid Addition are proud to be members of FIX Protocol Ltd the industry led standards organisation and our founder Kevin Houstoun is Co-Chair of the Global Technical Committee.

ElectronicDealing.com is a free to use service for the publication and distribution of FIXatdl files, and other artefacts, such as custom repositories, for both the buy side and the sell side.


Microsoft and Rapid Addition have an industry focused relationship in which both parties look to leverage their skills and expertise within the Financial Markets. All Rapid Addition’s software runs on the Microsoft platform.


Altera FPGAs are ideal for a wide variety of applications, from high-volume applications to state-of-the-art products.


Solarflare is a leading provider of application-intelligent networking I/O products that bridge the gap between applications and the network, delivering improved performance, increased scalability, and higher return on investment. The company’s solutions are widely used in scale-out server environments such as high frequency trading, high performance computing, cloud, virtualization and big data.


PLDA designs and sells intellectual property (IP) cores and prototyping tools for ASIC and FPGA that aim to accelerate time-to-market for embedded electronic designers. PLDA specializes in high-speed interface protocols and technologies such as PCIe, and Ethernet. PLDA provides IP cores with a complete set of tools, including FPGA production-ready and prototyping cards, System-on-Module components, drivers, APIs and testbenches.


Rapid Addition is delighted to be a founding partner of the Intel-FS Low Latency Labs.


Azul Systems and Rapid Addition have partnered to offer clients low latency, jitter-free Java trading engines. The joint solution will provide banks and brokers with an effective, reliable and high performance trading engine that provides a competitive edge in an increasingly high velocity market.

The following are links to important, useful, and impacting links for the financial services industry:


FIX Protocol Ltd
The Financial Information eXchange (FIX) Protocol.


The Official Journal of Financial Information eXchange (FIX) Protocol

Microsoft BizTalk Servers


Hedge Fund Community at Hedgehogs.net
Hedgehogs is a social application platform for the hedge fund and investment community and those who serve it.