Products for Banks & Brokers

Banks & Brokers

Whilst the pressure to reduce costs continues, internal demands from the business to maintain or increase capacity to compete means that demands on technology to add significant value and ROI are always a key focus.

However the growth of Electronic Trading remains unabated across all assets in part for the lower cost opportunities it presents.

Rapid Addition has seen a number of common key challenges with our clients such as;

  • The drive for lower latency
  • Client and connectivity management
  • Attracting and retaining order flow
  • Managing risk
  • The ability to plug-and-play multiple applications that use disparate protocols
  • The requirement to manage cost

Rapid Addition are at the forefront of providing institutions with a range of products that enable them to gain that competitive edge.

We would of course be delighted to discuss market challenges with you in more detail and outline how our products can be of benefit to your business by reducing costs and mitigating risk.