RA FIXatdl and Repository Editor

RA FIXatdl Editor

RA-FIXatdl Editor is an authoring tool aimed at firms who publish details of their algo strategies using the industry standard FIXatdl format. FIXatdl is maintained by FIX Protocol Ltd. Using FIXatdl allows the owner of strategies to publish changes immediately; FIXatdl-compliant systems can then render the parameters immediately

The Rapid Addition FIXatdl editor can be downloaded free from www.electronicdealing.com, a free site for the Electronic Dealing community.

RA Repository Editor

RA-Repository Editor™ is a standalone tool to manage and maintain custom versions of the FIX data repository. It allows you to strip out messages that are not required, add custom tags, define enums, and ensure that referential integrity is maintained in accordance with the FIX Protocol.