Whitepaper: Insights from The Broker Club Conference 2024


GreySpark Partners—a renowned capital markets consultancy providing advice, facilitating change and delivering technology to investment banks, hedge funds and asset management firms—has published its report on the Broker Club Conference 2024. The study summarises the key trends and insights discussed at the event. As partners, sponsors and presenters at the conference, Rapid Addition publishes the paper to promote its visibility.

By reading the report, you will learn about:

• what geopolitical factors contributing to a challenging year for capital markets in 2023;

• proven strategies for successfully navigating regulatory challenges;

• how to build the right culture;

• cloud adoption in financial services;

• making use of build & buy as a flexible approach to IT infrastructure;

• why it is important to understand the rise of decentralised finance and the possible implications for traditional markets.


Read the whitepaper