Connecting Markets – Welcome Aboard!


Regulatory scrutiny of buy-side broker selection and benchmarking, together with research unbundling rules, has meant that many asset managers are looking to rationalise their broker list. Winning and retaining mandates is harder than ever.

Typically, sell-side firms look to differentiate themselves through the quality of their execution or TCA performance, but a poor onboarding experience can lose a customer before they’ve ever placed an order. At a minimum it can undermine hard built reputations and result in short-term loss of opportunities.

Client onboarding can be fraught with unnecessary delay, certification headaches and unreliability. Rapid Addition changes all this.

With a highly visual and simple user interface, the RA Platform makes establishing new connections and applying routing logic extremely quick and easy. The ability to translate and normalise any messaging format means you can rapidly onboard new clients no matter which protocol they want to use to send their orders.

Once connected, the RA Platform’s real-time risk filters are easily configured to ensure clients safely operate up to and within their mandate, instantly alerting your trading desk when thresholds are approaching. And if an order does breach a threshold, the RA Platform rejects the trade rather than cutting the FIX connection, enabling the client to quickly amend and resubmit.

The same is true of accessing liquidity sources and execution partners. The RA Platform simplifies the addition of counterparties and injection of new routing logic through the same interface into the RA Platform, enhancing your level of client responsiveness.

All of this is first replicated in a dynamic test environment, giving both parties confidence that order flow will be correctly and efficiently executed before seamlessly switching to production.

But flexibility without outstanding performance and reliability only gets you so far, and this is where Rapid Addition really excels.

The RA Platform is used by leading financial organisations both in South Africa and around the world to deliver the levels of latency, messaging persistence, and throughput needed to support the most demanding strategies – whether through our optimised software version of the platform or leveraging Rapid Addition’s proprietary hardware acceleration technology.

Why not come and talk to us at the JSE SA Trade Connect event later this month and see how we can help your business?

About Rapid Addition

Founded in 2003 with the development of the world’s first repository-based FIX enginewe continue to innovate and lead the world of electronic trading technology with high performance FIX solutions.