RA Hub – FIX Message Routing and Onboarding Solutions Platform

A high performance FIX Hub message routing platform and onboarding solution that sits at the heart of your electronic trading environment, reducing the complexity of connecting clients, applications and venues.

Key Benefits of RA’s FIX Hub Message Routing and Onboarding Solutions Platform

Speed and flexibility are central to the Hub, with best-in-class, low latency FIX performance sitting alongside protocol agnostic order routing. RA-Hub’s unique visualization tools make the system easily configurable and highly transparent, giving ultimate control over your cross-asset electronic trading environment, ensuring end-to-end visibility and supporting regulatory compliance.

As financial markets continue to evolve, Hub’s highly scalable, protocol and asset class agnostic approach not only solves your current trading needs, but keeps development and onboarding agile, reducing cost and time to market.

FIX hub onboarding solution & message routing platform - RA Hub

  • A FIX hub onboarding solution & message routing platform for deploying your Intellectual Property
  • Cost effective infrastructure
  • Performance tuned to reduce hardware spend.
  • Support for MiFID II
  • Fast – Throughput of millions of messages per second
  • Low cost and ease of migration
  • Simplified configuration for new connections = rapid onboarding
  • Fast changes to routing logic
  • Full regression testing and roll back facilities
  • Fully resilient
  • Easy & powerful API for integration
  • Advanced development environment
  • Asset Class/protocol/technology agnostic
  • Support for multiple communication protocols (FIX available out of the box)
  • Unique Administration GUI with exclusive RA visual tools
  • First Class resiliency with ultra-fast recovery
  • Automatic setup, strong versioning control and rollback
  • Support for different workflows customizable for each asset class
  • Ease of Customisation & Integration with external modules (algorithmic trading, smart order routing, internalization and risk management)
  • Support for distributed deployment (clusters and independent nodes)
  • Dynamic session shift to aid load balancing
  • Processing millions of messages per second
  • Wire to wire latency of sub 20µs for 99.99% of messages using FIX protocol, even lower for binary protocols.
  • Ultra fast cross-thread communications
  • Advanced data structures reduces Cache misses
  • GC free algorithms
  • Low Jitter
  • Advanced and configurable batching to increase throughput

To provide the best latency and throughput via the FIX protocol our Cheetah FIX engine has been fully integrated into the Hub and is the lowest-latency FIX engine available on the market today. This combination provides best in class FIX performance alongside the flexibility of Hub

Multiple Plug-ins ready out of the Box

  • Native, ultra-fast, GC free connectivity to multiple venues
  • Support for different types of communication middleware
  • Risk Checking
  • Generic SQL layer allowing integration with external DB’s
  • Protocol agnostic market data model

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