RA Monitor – FIX Monitor and Electronic Trading Monitoring

Transcending your electronic trading environment, RA-Monitor is an unrivalled FIX Monitor and Electronic Trading Monitoring solution. Providing your business with a detailed insight, transparency and control of trading operations.

As a platform agnostic tool, Monitor delivers a real-time, forensic view of all electronic trading activity and performance across multiple trading environments, empowering you to constantly manage execution quality and compliance.

RA FIX Monitor and Electronic Trading Monitoring Feature

Customizable, real-term alerting identifies connectivity issues and performance bottlenecks, while complete traceability of messages gives you an instant understanding of order status. Historical data queries enable deep analysis of client and venue order flow, system performance and other valuable insight that will help continuous business improvement.

Designed for both trading desks and technologists, RA-Monitor’s ability to instantly analyze and visualize data helps meet regulatory monitoring obligations and scrutinize trading performance, putting you firmly in control of your trading operations.

FIX Monitor and Electronic Trading Monitoring

  • First line of defence of trading activity and regulatory monitoring
  • Fully integrated with Hub or with the option to deploy directly on the network and consolidate multiple asset classes across different trading infrastructures
  • Fast identification of relevant data to reduce trading risk in previously opaque situations
  • Easy access to information to share with counterparties and clients
  • Can be implemented as part of Hub or as a standalone product to consolidate data from multiple infrastructures
  • Monitor session connectivity
  • Trace messages within the platform
  • Identify performance bottlenecks
  • Define custom alerts and notifications
  • Instantly analyse and visualize data
  • Underlying database technology significantly outperforms all Common DB’s
  • Advanced alerting and notifications
  • Process and store millions of messages per second
  • Search queries processing millions of messages per second
  • Unique order & quote views
  • Custom field calculations
  • Comprehensive performance monitoring
  • Message tracing
  • Session connectivity monitoring
  • Fully customizable UI for FIX Monitor and Electronic Trading Monitoring
  • Network agents for Plug & Play deployment
  • Super-fast message search
  • User friendly scripting language
  • Historical data queries
  • Advanced filtering, grouping and sorting capabilities

Do you need to know how the traded volume is distributed among clients or exchanges or trading hours? Are you Interested in analysing the average / maximum latencies for various sessions? Using our Excel-based data visualization tool together with custom calculations can give answers to a virtually unlimited number of questions. The RA Monitor allows users to analyse data using highly customizable Pivot tables which enable data mining and multi-dimensional data analysis.

RA Monitor allows users to script custom event handlers using our unique user friendly scripting language.

Leveraging the event handling facility, it is possible to:

▪ Flag messages with marks

▪ Calculate custom message fields

▪ Define alerts and notifications

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