RA NET – FIX Networks and Electronic Trading Networks

RA NET provides FIX Networks and Electronic Trading Networks using a high quality protocol agnostic network specialising in the secure transmission of FIX (Financial Information eXchange) Data.

With an emphasis on using the latest technology for speed and security, the RA FIX Network acts as an enabler for all market venues by providing cost competitive connectivity with fair and transparent pricing as well as no transactional charges. Lightweight, web based software is also available to make it easier for emerging markets to utilize electronic order routing without incurring massive costs.

Rapid Addition are Specialist Providers of FIX Networks and Electronic Trading Networks

Built on state of the art RA Hub technology and powered by the BT Radianz backbone, The RA FIX Network offers the “next-generation” of financial messaging, prioritizing shorter time to market and clinical reporting, all while complying with the latest standard in electronic trading (MiFID II‎).

Linking into networks across the globe and providing easy access to the network via a VPN or leased line, RA FIX Network seeks to break down the barriers of entry to execution venues all across the globe, making it easier for brokers, institutions and exchanges to utilize the power of FIX.

Bring your business’s FIX networks and electronic trading networks up to speed, with RA NET!

  • Cost effective access
  • Fair and Transparent Pricing
  • No transaction Charges
  • Short time to market
  • Protocol agnostic and can be used for STRATE, Swift and other ISO based languages / message types.
  • Supports all FIX messages
  • Open platform based on the FIX Protocol
  • VPN Access
  • Supports any FIX version
  • Supports all FIX messages
  • connection from South Africa to the rest of the world to facilitate International relationships
  • High transaction throughput

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