Webinar Recording: Trade Smarter – Harness the Power of Proactive Trading Activity Monitoring

[Webinar Recording Header Image] Trade Smarter: Harness the Power of Proactive Trading Activity Monitoring

Trading Activity Monitoring

Join host Steve Grob, founder of Vision57, as he explores the groundbreaking collaboration between Mike Powell, CEO of Rapid Addition, and Dan Eccleston, co-founder of ipushpull. This insightful conversation delves into how their combined technologies are revolutionising trading activity monitoring, enabling traders to be more proactive and handle large electronic order flow with greater efficiency. Discover the future of trading technology and the tangible benefits for traders, service desks, and broking desks.

Key Features and Benefits:

• Real-time trading activity monitoring by Rapid Addition
• Enhanced data delivery and workflow integration by ipushpull
• Instant notifications and alerts that allow traders to be more proactive

Use Cases and Applications:

• Service desks monitoring their trading infrastructure to ensure smooth operations.
• Broking desks ensuring they don’t miss trading opportunities with timely, actionable alerts.
• Automating client messaging using configurable alerts to maintain constant communication.

Standards and Interoperability:

• The role of financial standards and the flexibility of modern APIs in handling diverse data formats
The benefits of flexible platform technology in enabling automation and value-added workflow
• The synergy of structured and unstructured data to deliver enriched information to users

Watch the recording to learn how Rapid Addition and ipushpull set new standards in trading activity monitoring, ensuring traders can operate efficiently and quickly in a data-driven market.

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