Should you have any requirements of the above please contact us on +44 20 7993 9906 to discuss in more detail , as to how we might be able to assist you.

Specialist FIX Resource

Through the Rapid Addition FIX Academy, we provide specialist FIX resource who can help with new and existing FIX development work.

Client Onboarding

Rapid Addition can help define the rules for your FIX client on-boarding requirements as well as handhold clients through every stage of the process. We work with both you and your clients to ensure a smooth and successful on-boarding process. Services include: helping to customise FIX to ensure all requisite tags are defined in a localised version of the repository; providing an automated environment for customers to test their compliance against your repository version; Working with both sides to resolve any issues that may be uncovered during the on-boarding process.

FIX Training & Accreditation

We offer certified training through our FIX Academy. This gives those taking the courses a valuable qualification that demonstrates their proficiency with FIX & FAST at many different layers.

Training can be tailored in a number of ways to suit your requirements


  • Per delegate sessions from novice to advanced “Train the trainer” model available
  • Refresher courses offered
  • What are these FIX and FIX engine things anyway? A business overview of what FIX is and how it can help reduce costs and widen counterparty reach
  • Seminars tailored to introduce new participants to what FIX is and how it works
  • Performance workshops – how to fine tune FIX to maximise performance and profits
  • FIX – The non-functional side: Performance, security, and operability in context
  • FIX Business Processes – an in-depth look at the different business processes that constitute the FIX ERP model, from Adverts and IOIs to Done for Day
  • The Race for Low-latency – a course in what low-latency is, how to spot the fakes, and who should be thinking about it
  • Monthly introduction to FIX courses held at our London office – contact us for more details

Consultancy Services

Our consultants can offer a wide range of help and assistance with order routing, message translation, and data transformation projects, and importantly come with a deep understanding of the financial markets enabling them to ‘hit the ground running’.

Bespoke Development

Our professional expertise allows us to offer our clients bespoke application solutions.