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How Much Should I Pay For A FIX Engine?

Beyond Crypto – realising the potential for digital assets with institutional investors

Crypto currencies have been making headlines again over the last couple of weeks thanks to Chinese regulators banning financial institutions and payment companies from providing cryptocurrency transaction services, while also warning investors against speculative crypto trading. Sentiment was further undermined by Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, reversing a previous decision that his company would accept Bitcoin […]

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Post-Pandemic Optimism – a new era of technology enabled innovation for capital markets

I was lucky enough to join Nomura’s Japanese equity desk in London as my first job out of university. It was the late 80s, the Nikkei 225 was soon to hit an all-time high of nearly 39,000, and the big 4 Japanese brokerages of Nomura, Yamaichi, Daiwa and Nikko had become international financial powerhouses. However, […]

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Overbond and Rapid Addition form strategic alliance

Overbond and Rapid Addition form strategic alliance to bring interoperability and market connectivity to bond trading automation   The collaboration gives fixed income traders around the globe the ability to harness the precision analytics, industry-leading speed, and extensive market coverage of Overbond AI alongside Rapid Addition’s high performance electronic messaging platform to automate up to […]

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The View is Clear – the Forecast is for Cloud

When it comes to capital markets, realising the promise of Public Cloud seems to have been a long time coming.    Over the last decade it’s felt like there’s been an endless stream of conference panels discussing the benefits of Cloud, C-level execs proclaiming that their organisation will adopt a ‘cloud first’ strategy, and large Cloud vendors forecasting how investment banks were about to become the new Netflix.    Yet at times actual adoption seemed […]

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The Impact of Automation and COVID-19 on Workflows

What’s the true impact of COVID and automation on workflows? Alison Hollingshead, Chief of Staff, Trading Platform & Core Technology, Man Group moderated a panel of leading buy-side panelists from across the globe. From Emma Quinn, Global Co-Head of Trading at Alliance Bernstein based out in Sydney to Joseph Collery, Head of Trading at Comgest […]

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The Long Journey to Frictionless Electronic Trading – A brief history of FIX Protocol

Thinking about how integral FIX protocol has become to electronic trading, it’s interesting to reflect on the long journey that has brought us to where we are today.   FIX started out as an experiment between Salomon Brothers and Fidelity in the fledgling days of electronic trading with the aim of automating the sending of execution reports […]

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