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The State of Capital Markets Tech – 5 key Takeaways

The Long Journey to Frictionless Electronic Trading – A brief history of FIX Protocol

Thinking about how integral FIX protocol has become to electronic trading, it’s interesting to reflect on the long journey that has brought us to where we are today.   FIX started out as an experiment between Salomon Brothers and Fidelity in the fledgling days of electronic trading with the aim of automating the sending of execution reports […]

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Confidence to Move Faster – Control and Manage Complex Trading Infrastructure

Running trading infrastructure in large sell-side firms is a tough gig. Not only are you responsible for perhaps the most business-critical part of your organisation, but even the smallest outage or change management error is highly visible to your clients.   Dropping the ball can have significant economic consequences, not least thanks to an increasingly […]

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Competing for Order Flow – The Differentiation Dilemma

What does competing order flow mean to you? The economics of providing sell-side execution services have become increasingly challenging since the financial crisis of 2008. High costs and commission compression are driving an unhealthy level of industry consolidation. And while the increasing prevalence of white label business models and improved off-the-shelf technology have helped address […]

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Trading Platform Strategy for a Faster Changing World

Rapid Addition CEO Mike Powell explores how the traditional barriers to platform modernisation can and need to be broken down as trading platform strategy evolves.   Even before the recent Covid-19 crisis, many firms were already assessing their electronic trading platform strategy against the developing needs of their clients and the evolving patterns of liquidity […]

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Rethinking ‘buy or build’

Best-Execution speaks to Rapid Addition CEO, Mike Powell about market trends and the launch of their new trading technology platform. Posted by: Best Execution , April 27, 2020. Rapid Addition (RA) has been providing electronic trading technology to the market for over a decade, what have been the major trends over that period and what does the current […]

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Rapid Addition Launches Next Gen Platform Technology for Electronic Trading

Rapid Addition balances the trade-offs between buy versus build with the launch of its next generation trading technology platform. RA Platform 3.0 takes performance, control and configurability to a new level and gives customers the flexibility to rapidly deploy and adapt electronic trading workflows. The latest offering from Rapid Addition was designed in close collaboration […]

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