Author: Mike Powell

The Impact of Automation and COVID-19 on Workflows

Alison Hollingshead, Chief of Staff, Trading Platform & Core Technology, Man Group moderated a panel of leading buy-side panellists from across the globe. From Emma Quinn, Global Co-Head of Trading at AllianceBernstein based out in Sydney to Joseph Collery, Head of Trading at Comgest in Dublin to Neil Joseph, Managing Director, European Head of Equity […]

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Confidence to Move Faster – Control and Manage Complex Trading Infrastructure

Running trading infrastructure in large sell-side firms is a tough gig. Not only are you responsible for perhaps the most business-critical part of your organisation, but even the smallest outage or change management error is highly visible to your clients. Dropping the ball can have significant economic consequences, not least thanks to an increasingly stringent […]

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The Seventh Wave…What next in electronic trading innovation?

According to surfing folklore, the seventh wave is the largest of the set. This is perhaps a fitting metaphor for what’s about to happen in electronic trading. Recapping on the last three decades, we’ve certainly come a long way, and whether or not you agree with my preceding six waves, they are certainly significant milestones. […]

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